In today’s internet ecosystem selling a product or service has become very easy. But, if you are looking into building an empire of your brand. there you need to build your brand powerful and influential.

In this article, I am going to talk about building a powerful personal brand that can help you and your brand grow. Let’s have a look into the factors which are very impeccable.

And, it is important to build a personal brand in today’s competitive internet environment.

What is Personal Branding?

It’s a phenomenon that differentiates “you” from others in your niche. Personal branding gives you a unique identity about – ‘yourself and the brand’.

Isn’t Personal branding essential to be a standout in your niche in the marketplace? By personal branding, you get an extraordinary power that you can call “influence”.

When you become an influencer, it means you have put lots of effort into giving value to your customer. Where they believe in you and your commitment to providing them valuable services.

And as said, personal branding gives power where you can influence people. It will help to fulfill their requirements with your valuable products or services.

The goal of your personal branding is to build trust and relationships.

By communicating and understanding their beliefs, values, about your brand. You can convey to your audience to go for your brand for their needs.

It will create an engagement with you and your brand to transact onwards.

Why is personal branding so important?

Building a personal brand has always been an important aspect of everyone’s life.

The fact is not everyone notices it. But we all are doing in a way or other. Isn’t it so?

Every single person is building trust and relationships with someone or more. And we always are nurturing those relations to build more credibility.

And there you start influencing those people with your ideology to each other. It might be within your family, friends, and communities to create values and beliefs.

Personal branding opens a lot of opportunities in several stages of your life. Let’s say by some examples:

  • If you are going to attend an interview and you have a strong personal brand in your niche then you convey them. Having a personal brand means the people already have known you.

And your audience will relate with your values and beliefs you are putting to the community in your niche.

  • Let’s say if you are looking for job opportunities. And you have a strong personal brand in your niche. It means you have practical knowledge about the particular job you are looking for.

And the interviewer can relate to the value you put into the marketplace. This proves to the interviewer that you are much eligible for the position you are looking for.

And the interviewer can believe in you, and your efforts that you can put into his/her organization as well.

  • If you are looking for a promotion. And you have a strong personal brand in your organization/community you are working with, it’s a booster. Isn’t it?

Having a strong personal brand in the organization helps you get a promotion and good pay as well. And, yes building a personal brand is not an easy task. You must be excellent in your job/niche.

As well you have to prove to yourself that you are worthy of the particular position too.

Personal brand proves your generosity in the sense of monetary, behavior, and leadership.

  • Having a personal brand is helpful when you are having or going to do something on your own (startup). If you have decent influence in your niche and you are looking for investors to invest in a program or startup.

The personal brand you create will address a positive impression on the audience. And the same goes for the partnership as well.

If you have a great reputation and influence over the people then you might get a partnership.

Steps to build a strong Personal Brand.

Find out your niche and start building the foundation of your brand.
  • Build an online presence first. Because as we know that, the internet has become now a fundamental need. As everyone or most of the population are engaging themselves with internet services.

So, creating an online presence is much more important to get known in the marketplace.

  • You must start to reinforce your niche by applying your knowledge and experience. Your audience must know that you are a qualified person in the niche and you can help out other people.
  • And to get noticed you must come with new content and reliable solutions for your audience. If you are not able to come with a unique solution and fresh content then you are not building a personal brand.

You might be copying someone else in your niche and it’s not going to help you to build a strong personal brand.

Build credibility.
  • Start finding the problems of your audience and provide them a perfect solution.
  • Let your audience use your content or solutions to get yourself a credible placement. Which can help you more to engage and build trust with the audiences.
  • Collaborate with other influencers in your niche that’s how you will get known faster. And it will give you more credibility in the target audience. Because the collaboration with established influencers will create more trust.

The influencer has already had their credibility and you will be introduced by them is a lottery to you.

  • Nurturing is the main aspect of personal branding. If you are not nurturing your audience it means you’re not creating a relationship with your audience. Engagement brings trust and it helps a lot in building personal branding.
Create a list of target audiences and start nurturing them.
  • Use different offline and online platforms to get the details of your audience.
  • Explore with the experts who already made their positions in the niche. Collaborate with them. Do meetups, webinars, seminars, etc.
  • Build a community of your audience through the collected list of people’s details.
Find and target the opportunity within your community.
  • Nurture your community. Provide unique and useful content.
  • Provide valuable information.
  • Engage with personalized messages.
  • Interact live with some of your community members.
  • Create an opportunity within the community. And transact with your premium content.

The following tips are initial steps to build a personal brand. As we talked about earlier, we are living in the internet ecosystem.  And requires us to use online platforms to sustain in this online environment.

Let me take you into the internet ecosystem. I am going to talk about some online platforms and tools that are much recommended to set up. If you are planning to do personal branding for yourself or anyone.

You need a place to showcase yourself. From where you and your audience can interact and engage with each other.

Role of Social Media Platforms in Personal Branding.

Social media platforms are ruling the internet ecosystem. As per the statistics, more than 50% of the global population uses social media platforms. And the number of users increases day by day.

You can imagine how powerful social media is to build a reputation online. Whereas social media is one segment of online platforms.

You can imagine how powerful social media is to build a reputation online.

Whereas social media is one segment of online platforms. In social media, there are so many features that provide an opportunity to interact with your brand and audience.

Let’s take the example of Facebook and Instagram. Both are the most popular social media platforms amongst others.

In which both platforms provide; showcase your business and details. You can create groups or interact with other groups. Tag products, and peoples, share stories, reels, advertise your brand, etc.

Through social media, you can find your audience and build your audience list. That you can use to interact with personalized messages.

Create a blog website in your niche for Personal Branding.

You need to own a property where your audience can access your content. So, you need a blog site where you will be publishing unique content in your niche. About the people’s requirements.

As earlier said that you can build your audience through social media. But you need to understand that the social media platform is not yours. You are a user of that platform and your audience as well.

So there is no control of you over there. Because social media or any other platforms you use, are not yours and you don’t have any control over it.

That’s why it is very important to have your own property where you can control the platform and users as well. In the initial stage, you can have your own platform and that is your website.

When you have a blog site following things must be followed:

  • Start publishing content is from your chosen niche.
  • Create unique and valuable content which can provide value to the customer. If a visitor comes to your page and spends time. And consumes your content then the visitor must be a delight with your content.
  • The visitor must realize that the time and energy spent on your content is not a waste. And if you are able to provide valuable information-filled content to your audience. You are going to win it or you lose.
  • Provide legitimate solutions for the requirements of your audience. That can be helpful to them.
  • Being honest to your audience will enrich a great relationship. And, nurturing your audience with solutions will create trust and transparency.
  • If you are able to build trust and transparency. You will find more opportunities in the community. That will lead you to more transactions as well.

How SEO helps in Personal Branding?

You have an idea about SEO it abbreviates as Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process that helps a website to rank better on the search engine result page.

Let’s say if someone searches in your niche and the visitor find your website is ranking first on the result page. Isn’t it helpful in personal branding?

If you rank first or even on the first page of the search result. It builds a great impact on the user because you are found on the top or on the first page. It builds a reputation towards your brand and likely users will visit your website.

And your website has unique and useful content, then you know the rest of what will happen. And if it happens you are going to rock. isn’t it?

You will be building a legitimate relationship with that user. And the delighted user will refer others as well too. So that’s how SEO helps out for building a personal brand.

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Role of paid advertisement in Personal Branding.

For advertisement, you can use Social Media and Search Engines. The most well-known social media are Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, etc.

And search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

  • Advertisement helps you in branding your brand.
  • Get known to your target audience.
  • Create awareness about your brand.
  • Provide information and reach to the audience.
  • Collect information about your audience like their name, email, phone number, etc.
  • Introduce new products or services on a large scale.

Role of Email marketing in Personal Branding.

Email is a powerful medium to interact with your audience.

By utilizing email marketing tools you can personalize your emails. It means a personalized message to every audience in your email list. It’s a great technology where your audience can feel that the particular email you had sent to them conveys personally.

Isn’t it great if you receive an email with your name and interest?

There you feel the particular mail has been written for you. And it helps in creating a strong bond and trust with the brand.


In this article, I tried to provide tips to build a personal brand from scratch. Most of the basic fundamentals for building a personal brand are shared in the article. Please drop your suggestions in the comment box about the article.