Struggling to create stunning graphics? 

Crello is a drag and drop tool or software that works perfectly for graphic designers, social media marketers, digital marketers, or any content creators.

Every content creator wants their produced content to grab attention. Isn’t it?

This is the tool for everyone who loves designing. This is one of the most loving graphic designing software as many experts say.

This graphic designing software UI/UX is far better than any other tool in the marketplace.  

The tool is so innovative, easy to use, and free to some extent. 

What is Crello?

You might be thinking that what is crello? Why does this tool sound amazing?

Crello is an online graphic designing tool where you can easily create high-performing graphics and videos for your business needs.

It has 50+ formats for social media posts design, web graphics, etc. And provides more than 50K templates that you can customize as per your needs.

Create great content quickly and easily. No design skills are required to enjoy crello. It’s a user-friendly online graphic designing tool.

That means “Crello” got your back!

It is also a graphic designing app. You can download crello from the “app store” and “play store” as well.

Features of Crello the graphic designing software.

  • Pre-built templates
  • Content library
  • Customizable branding
  • Design management
  • Animation and transition
  • Media library
  • Media import
  • Text overlay
  • Filter
  • Drag and drop
  • Video content
  • Video editing
  • Collaboration tools
  • Video Support
  • Background remover, and many more.

CRELLO is amazing.

You won’t know until you experience it.

No technical skills are required for using Crello. It’s a user-friendly crafted software for everyone even if you never tried any online graphic designing tool. 

Crello comes with more than 50000+ templates with premium photos, animations, and many more amazing experiences. 

It means you start your design from scratch. You can design your project with the custom size you need. Or you can go through the huge library of pre-built templates for different platforms.

The pre-designed templates of animations, fonts, videos, music tracks, premium images, etc will help you design in no time. All of the features come with drag and drop facilitation. 

You can modify the templates for your projects, unlimited.

Isn’t this a crazy tool?

Design high-performing content quickly and easily with Crello.

How does Crello the graphic designing tool works?

Get an idea for your graphic design. Use crello the best graphic designing software.

Before jumping into the tool interface you need to identify the kind of design you require for your project.

You must create an outline regarding your creatives.

By understanding the purpose of creative you can easily identify the platform where you are going to publish the creative.

Crello offers an immense amount of variance to transform a creative into other segments. Let’s say you have created a graphic for the Facebook post and you need the same design for LinkedIn.

Here you can easily choose the particular design and convert it into the LinkedIn design dimension or any other dimensions.

Crello has an amazing superpower that saves your time and produces eye-catching graphics with the help of your intelligence.


Choose professional templates for your graphic design. Crello the free graphic designing software comes with unlimited features.

After idealizing and mapping an outline of your design. 

Crello offers more than half a million templates with attractive add-ons of animations.

The dynamic templates in the media library allow you to edit the picked templates as you need. This graphic designing tool provides you the full flexibility of utilizing the features in the paid version of the software.

Choose a template that can be perfect for your graphic requirement. Mold it with your vision and skill to create powerful professional creatives. 

Experience CRELLO!


Design exceptionally great graphics with a new tool. Crello is a free graphic designing software for your content creation.

With CRELLO designing a creative is so simple. Its drag and drop feature enhances user-friendly craft for every user.

The design management of Crello is so ultimate. Even if you have no prior experience with editing or creating graphics. 

You will find that editing and creating is not that struggling as you felt. 

In a simple way, I would say everything is on the plate. You just need to be clear and focused with your graphic requirement. 

You are going to create professional creatives for yourself and your clients.



The features of Crello are optimized for web, social, and print media. Graphics or videos for your blogging, social media, advertising, marketing, events, etc can be created simply in few clicks using professionally built templates.

Crello editor offers various functionality like:

  • Background remover.
  • Cropping tools.
  • Transparency settings.
  • Layered editing.
  • Blur effects
  • Pre-built filters, and many more.

You can enhance your creatives with animations, stickers, shapes, sounds, custom typography, etc.

Isn’t this online graphic designing tool is amazing?

What are you waiting for?

Sign up for the pro version of Crello with a lifetime license and create professional graphics for your content creation.