The foundation of successful businesses always linked with great marketing strategies. 

As the consumers are evolving at a pace with technology as well the marketing too.

Now the marketing becomes a more psychological pattern. As technology is evolving. The strategies are now changed to identify the consumer and their behavior.

The internet ecosystem creating an opportunity in online marketing. And the intelligence of the internet is now challenging traditional marketing.

Digital marketing gives a measurable output. That helps you to understand the human’s buying behavior for any service or product.

Digital marketing made it simpler to do market research. And the businesses can check their position between the competitors.

“Marketing is more becoming an art. The perfect communication and strategic execution is the mantra. That helps you to brand, sell, and provide valuable services to the targeted consumers”.

When we say “communication”. We mean is the communication should always convey through some “content with context”.

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So, you might ask what is content? 

Content is a piece of information to a set of people with meaningful remarks to make it purposeful. It can be in the format of the text, audio, video, image, etc.

Traditional marketing and digital marketing.

Where traditional marketing has its own style of mass marketing.

Here you can’t speculate personalized targeting and evaluation. And it costs you more difficulty to communicate with a specific set of audiences.

So, how the internet has changed the definition and process of marketing? 

Let’s have a look into it.

The Internet has created a revolution in marketing. Offers platforms to connect and interact with the audience.

Nowadays, more than 65% of the global population uses smartphones with internet access. That makes you more opportunist for your business.

Below are some different digital platforms, where brands execute their marketing strategies through:

  • Website.
  • Email.
  • SMS.
  • Social Media.
  • Online advertising (Search engine ads and social media ads), etc.

Why website is important?

A website is a basic need for any business to be found on search engines, first. It’s a digital house of a business.

Where people can check-in and interact from anywhere on the globe. A website gives global visibility to any business.

A website helps to lay the online foundation of your business. It helps you to build a strong personal brand in the market.

The website always originates its uniqueness for their customer and the business. It helps you to know more about the business and its authority.

It helps you to build a strong community by publishing valuable content for your targeted customer. You can ask your visitor to subscribe to the newsletter for brand engagement.

Email and SMS marketing.

Email and SMS marketing are the strategies used to promote the brand. Helps in building a strong relationship, trust with the existing or new customers.

Through Email and SMS, you can approach personalized messages to your customers.

A personalized interaction builds strong trust which offers businesses to grow organically.

Social media marketing.

Social media platforms have got the nerve of every user signed in it. Social media made marketing simpler than ever.

More than 90% of internet users use social media. Whereas it plays a major role in promoting a brand.

Social media helps to understand and target customers based on their demographic, passion, interest, etc.

And it provides to target with most of the filters to what kind of audience we like to interact with.

Isn’t an interesting tool to grab the attention of the targeted audience.

Online advertising

Online advertising or paid promotion made businesses promote their brand through online channels.

In traditional advertising, businesses do mass advertisement to target large audiences.

There you can’t target a specific kind of audience. It makes confusion and negative impacts on the business. It is push marketing where everyone is forced to see or listen to the promotional content.

But online advertising made it simpler for businesses. Promoting your brand through search engine ads or social media ads is easier now.

As said earlier the “marketing always relies on great valuable content”. Have a look into a perfect content marketing funnel (CATT Funnel). It will provide you better aspects of content marketing to empower your brand.

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The CATT funnel provides an interactive process to channelize the marketing strategy. Where CATT stands for;
C – Content
A – Attention
T – Trust 
T – Transaction
Let’s have a deeper look into the CATT funnel.
Step 1

 Quality content can bring an audience’s attention. It requires consistency to achieve engagement.

For creating quality content, a marketer needs to be a problem solver.

It needs extensive market research. The rigorous study of human behavior to understand the needs of consumers.

The content can be published through your blog. Or by organizing webinars, videos, lead magnets, graphics for your audience.

Step 2
How to grab attention towards the content.

You can grab attention by doing organic or inorganic strategies. You can do SEO for your websites.

Or you can do a paid promotion on search engines and social media.

Step 3
Creating trust.

Building trust with the audience is a responsible and crucial job at the same time.

Because trust can be built through only understanding the core needs. And providing quality solutions to the consumers as they expect.

Building trust with the people, you need to be truthful and honest with your services.

Regular interaction with your audience will help you to build trust. To connect with the customers you may plan your marketing by

  • Retargeting.
  • Tripwire marketing.
  • Marketing automation.
  • Direct response marketing, etc.

 Step 4

After creating valuable content, building customer data, and trust. The next process comes to convert the acquired leads into a customer.

The above 3 steps are crucial in this funnel process.

If we live up to honesty and providing valuable information to the targeted audience. Then it becomes easier to convert them into customers.


To do more efficient marketing we need to do Integrated digital marketing. Why?

Integrated digital marketing strategy is a combined use of different online marketing tools. It helps you to force the targeted audience to conceive into the funnel.

It helps you build trust more because you will have a presence in every online platform the user visits.

For a better understanding of this strategy, we can conceptualize it with Omnichannel marketing.

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Here we can see how Integrated digital marketing works.
Content Marketing and SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a process to achieve organic traffic to your content. Whereas SEO processes with a few technical routes to build effectively.

SEO is configured in 2 distinct:
1. ON Page SEO.
2. OFF Page SEO.
Executing SEO strategies both distinct has its own importance. The ON & OFF-page SEO helps in leveraging quality traffic to your content.
Content Marketing and Social media

Social media platforms have an immense amount of power to influence people. Yet, most internet users are on social media.

Social media provides you the different real-time metrics to identify the audience.

In social media, you can influence and engage people with your marketing strategies and convey any kind of content (text, graphics, videos, links, etc.).

Social media enables a facility to build our own set of people in a group of the niche.

It’s an influential tool if you know how to use and perform with it. Then it’s a win-win situation for you.

The most influential social media platforms are-
Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Content Marketing and Email marketing

Email marketing is an amazing tool to engage with customers.

The concept of marketing automation engages personalized communication with your audience. It helps you in creating trust, which leads to a great relationship.

Personalized communication empowers 10x the performance of the businesses.

For email marketing automation, there is plenty of tools are available. Like Convertkit, Aweber, Mailchimp, Sendfox, etc.

Content Marketing and Paid advertising

Paid advertising gives us the power of leveraging people’s attention to the content.

While search engine ads like Google ads provide a vast interface. To interact with the audience by understanding the search behavior of the users.

Yet social media ads are more efficient in targeting audiences by their behavior.

    The above stated different methods help you to interact and attract audiences. That will lead you to convert the visitor into a customer.


Building a personal brand.

How personal branding helps you to become more trusted and influential. Why it is important?

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In this competitive market, there are so many businesses. Most of them are providing similar products or services. For the consumers, it became too crucial to identify a genuine and quality service provider.

Where they can believe in investing without any fear?

So now it became more important for brands to build a strong personal brand. Which helps you in keeping relationships and trust with your existing and new customers.

Before spending a single penny every customer is very conscious of their spending. And the fear of results is also there for the purchase. The results, they will get after the use of a service or product.

To deal with the nature of fear in consumers. Assure them to provide great services. Personal branding is more important to execute this strategy.

Personal branding proves authenticity over the services or products. It helps you to build authority to your business as well as on the audience.

So, how can you build your personal brand?

Building a personal brand is an art and hard work. Before building a personal brand you must acknowledge your capability of knowledge.

For a better understanding of Personal branding. Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju provides his outlook on it. He developed a blueprint called as Mass Trust Blueprint.

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This "mass trust blueprint" exhibits the exact process to create a personal brand. 
Personal branding is a process in which each aspect cycles in its zone. Learning, gathering information, and implementation is a life-long process.

Creating a personal brand extends the quality of a brand or individual. It helps you to become an expert in a defined niche to lead and become a leader in that particular niche.


This is all about nurturing yourself to become a great problem solver in your niche. You have read in this blog about marketing in this digital world.

How it changed the phases in evolving and accepting the modern technique. Where it helps you to build a strong relationship with your audience. By providing valuable solutions to your audience.

In this blog, I provided an overview of marketing in the digital scenario. I hope you got an idea of content marketing and its evolution.

If you believe the article provides value and some understandings of marketing.

Let me know your suggestions in the comment box. I am committed to providing valuable content to the community.

Happy learning. 

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